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Ananda Mandala
Oneness Meditation

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Science relating to Oneness


EEG is a way to measure the electrical activity in the brain. It has been used in research and medicine for over 80 years, and have since been complemented by other brain scanning techniques such as CT and MRI.

Delta Waves

Associated with deep sleep, being unconscious and survival.

Theta Waves

Associated with drowsiness and deep relaxation, dreams, feelings and drives. Has also been found to spike in situations where a person is actively trying to repress a response or an action (inhibitory)

Alpha Waves

Associated with relaxation and meditation, integration of feelings, awareness of the body. Also associated with inhibitition control, seemingly with the purpose of timing inhibitory activity in different locations across the brain.

Beta Waves

Associated with focus and attention, concentration, perception and mental activity.

Gamma Waves

Related to some senses and memory, extreme focus, cross-modal sensory processing.