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It has been claimed that the deeksha creates "A neurobiological shift takes place in the brain and body that begins a physical and spiritual transformation ultimately leading to an awakening into Oneness and full God-Realization.". In an interview Sri Bhagavan answers the question "Does the deeksha process affect the brain?", with some more detail as to what areas are affected. As an effect is claimed, it should be measurable using well established techniques for studying a living brain, such as EEG, CT or MRI techniques. This site is dedicated to studies on what happens in the brain when deeksha is received.

In the menu to the left you can view some graphs from real deekshas.

Indications from the measurements so far:

  1. The deeksha always has a measurable effect. All deekshas has resulted in a strong enough difference in brainwaves to be clearly attributable to the deeksha.
  2. The effect varies between occasions. Looking at e.g. Pink you'll see a first reading in mid may where the brainwaves before compared to after show an increase of up to 4.7 times after the deeksha. But in the reading three weeks later, the primary effect is not a raise, but a drop.
  3. The effect is highly dependent on the deeksha giver. Pink and 6 others were measured within two hours in early june. All of them had the same *general* outcome - a decrease in brainwaves. Some had one or two frequencies where the effect was a raise, which indicates the receiver still has a part in what effects manifest.
  4. General effect is the same no matter if you never received deeksha before or if you've had over a thousand. Among the seven measured in early june, two had never before received deeksha.
  5. For the same brainwave effect, the subjective experience can differ for both the receiver and the giver. Looking at Brown, there were two deekshas given on the 6th of June, one hour apart. On both occasions, the levels rose/dropped to the same values. However, the subjective experience was different between the two times.

How does this all compare to what has been claimed before? All claims I've heard still stand. In fact, #3 above could support the claim that getting a deeksha from an individual successful in a particular area, would be the most beneficial if you need help in that area.